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Bruce G. Pollock & Associates Commercial Property Management Department specializes in third party property management. Bruce G. Pollock & Associates managed property portfolio includes:

Retail properties

Our mission is to meet the needs of our building occupants and the financial objectives of our owners.

The following is a list of benefits provided by our full range of property management services:

Rent Collection – One of our highest priorities. Our prompt collection and accurate processing will support the property’s operations and feed your bottom line.

Marketing – We’ll develop a program to maximize your tenancy.

Leasing – We keep current with the market and use that information to negotiate leases to your maximum benefit. Your rents stay competitive and units occupied.

Tenant Retention – Keeping a (good) current tenant is always more cost effective. The key to financial success. No build-outs, no loss of rents, no advertising.

Planning – We’ll analyze the internal and external environment and make recommendations for achieving your current and future goals.

Maintenance – Needed repairs are done before they’re a problem. Keeps your overhead down and results in lower operating costs.

Budgeting – Within 60 days of taking on the property, we’ll prepare a budget based on your current and future goals.

Monthly Financial Reports – Our high-tech software will keep you and your accountant well informed.

Insurance – We’ll review your current policies and make recommendations to get you the best possible pricing.

Tax Appeals – We’ll review the current tax situation and advise. Our attorneys do the actual appeal.

Security – We’ll evaluate the property and correct potential issues before they become problems.

Ten Stepping Stones to Successful Property Management

The rich heritage of Bruce G. Pollock & Associates began in 1926, and was founded on a deep and uncompromising commitment to 100% customer satisfaction. That unwavering belief exists today, encompassing our residential and commercial brokerage as well as our property management customers and clients.

Today, much advertising for real estate services includes the phrase “full-service.” At Bruce G. Pollock & Associates, we believe that it’s not enough to simply have residential and commercial brokerage and property management services available. We believe true full-service must include professional specialization, availability, strong commitments to integrity and ethics, a focus on learning and meeting the individual needs of customers and clients, and an unwavering belief in the principle of, “Treat others as you would like to be treated.”

Property Managers at Bruce G. Pollock & Associates believe that “banker’s hours” are for bankers. Because of our commitment to you, we are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year to rapidly respond to you or any emergency at your property.

It has been said that “pleasing all the people all the time” is an impossible task. At Bruce G. Pollock & Associates, we believe that the key to pleasing everyone is consistently treating them with honesty, dignity and respect. This is true for clients, customers, staff, tenants and contractors.

The hallmark of a successful real estate investment is professional property management. All of our property managers have attained the prestigious Certified Property Manager® (CPM®) designation from The Institute of Real Estate Management (IREM®) of the National Association of Realtors (NAR®). This professional designation is earned only after long study and years of experience. The difference between “every-day” management and professional management is the difference between simply collecting rents and increasing the market value of your property.

Two items used extensively from our arsenal of professional management tools are state-of-the-art information processing and communications technologies. Our computers and software packages, operated by trained staff, provide the competence and flexibility demanded by real estate investors like you. In addition, we ensure our availability, whenever we’re needed, through cell phones, pagers, PDAs, Blackberry devices and e-mail.

We believe that rapid response is essential. Our centralized location in our market greatly enhances our ability to respond to a tenant’s or the property’s needs.

Since 1926, Bruce G. Pollock & Associates has developed literally hundreds of successful business relationships with vendors, contractors and individual service providers that allow us the ability to negotiate the best rates for outside services. This ability to leverage our purchasing power translates directly to your bottom line as lower costs.

All property managers and staff at Bruce G. Pollock & Associates understand that the community is, in great part, responsible for our livelihood and that giving back of our time and effort is an important part of being a community member. Our community involvement includes local School Boards, Chambers of Commerce, Central Business Development Authority boards, Hospital boards, and Human Services groups.

Many property management companies complain when their clients sell the properties they manage. No one likes to lose business. At Bruce G. Pollock & Associates, we recognize that investors have many reasons for owning real estate. What better testament to our managing ability than to have our client sell the property because we’ve done what we were hired to do – increase its value!


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